Glen E. Friedman is responsible for many of the most iconic portraits of hip-hop, punk, and skating legends taken in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The best of these photos has been compiled in a new anthology called My Rules.

See more of Friedman’s shots of Ice-T, Henry Rollins, and Tony Hawk here.

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This handcrafted, $7,500 re-designed yurt is waaay cooler than your house. Plus, it beats a year of rent in New York City.


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Classic luxury cars and their owners at the Concors d’Elegance. Pebble Beach, Calif. 

Ariel Zambelich gave me the awesome opportunity to make some photos of fancy cars at the world class car show held on the 18th Hole at Pebble Beach for, but I couldn’t resist the fancy people in the fancy cars. 

Photographer Jason Henry did a pretty epic job at the car show — and it’s true: the fancy people are almost more fun than the fancy cars themselves!

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Using clever algorithm processing, the app makes it easy to use your phone to create tracking shots and fast, time-lapse videos that look as if they’re shot by Scorsese or Michael Mann. What was once only possible with a Steadicam or a $15,000 tracking rig is now possible on your iPhone, for free. 

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Ferguson is sixty-seven per cent black, but fifty of its fifty-three police officers are white. In Comment, Jelani Cobb reflects on disenfranchisement, disillusionment, and the protests following Michael Brown’s death.

Illustration by Tom Bachtell.

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Here’s the trick to solving Google’s crazy open-ended interview questions.

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It was as if everything—the backyard scrapes, Spillane and Rand, Daredevil and Batman, the heartbreak of writing for Hollywood—was distilled. In Miller’s world, unlikely protagonists rise up against sinister forces and stare evil in the face. Loyalty is a virtue, but lovers rarely make for permanent allies, and old faces can signal danger. The hero, alone, is defined by excruciating physical tests, and his code allows for vengeance. Sometimes he survives.

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Expect Many, Many Lawsuits From Ferguson

WASHINGTON — It’s been nine days since Michael Brown was shot, unarmed, in the middle of a street in Ferguson, Missouri, but civil rights and civil liberties legal advocates say the legal fallout from the shooting and its tumultuous aftermath are just beginning.  

“There will be lawsuits up the kazoo,” said Barbara Arnwine, the longtime president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, in an interview Sunday evening. “I think you’re going to see ripple after ripple of legal matters here in response to this outrageous situation.”

The cluster-you-know-what won’t be going away anytime soon.

Hope y’all are paying close attention.

Scientists discover a rare black hole in Messier 82.


These gorgeous aerial shots of Miami’s and New York’s beaches were taken while hanging from a helicopter.

The colors and patterns of the umbrellas reveal which beaches are public and which are private. 


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