Her work was an obvious choice for the cover of WIRED’s August issue, which explores how the smartphone has sparked an explosion in creativity. 

Photographer Sara Cwynar focuses on this transformation with her complex compositions, which show every photograph has an arc. The moment the photo captures might be frozen in time, but the world around that moment moves forward and inevitably changes the meaning.

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For every story you hear about investors behaving badly, there are far worse stories that many women wouldn’t dare to tell. “The most common thing I hear from other women is: ‘Oh the stories I’ll tell once I’m far enough along that I don’t have to worry about being shamed,’” says Kathryn Minshew, co-founder of the job search and career advice site The Muse.

For women who have experienced this bias—and there are many—the simple act of talking about it is taboo. There’s a notion that acknowledging the problem only exacerbates it. No one wants to be known as the woman who cried sexism for fear of being labeled a tattletale, a liability, or, at the very least, not worth the trouble. And yet, it’s only through these stories that we can begin to understand that the statistics aren’t the result of some fluke or mass oversight, but a very real problem that needs to be solved.


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In Nevada it is illegal for men who have mustaches to kiss women.

In New Hampshire you can’t tap your foot or nod your head to keep time to music.

In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times. 


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Judging from your Twitter feed, Comic-Con is nothing but surprise movie trailers (Interstellar!), celebrity sightings (Hulk Hogan!), and the most elaborate cosplay and promotional stunts (zombie attacks!). But the average attendee—that tried and true fan who comes back year after year—isn’t necessarily the one camping overnight for a Hall H seat or hauling around a 50-lb photon pack. We took some time this year to talk to the every-fan, and to find out what keeps folks coming back, even as the Con grows bigger and more insane.

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The concept is bizarre, combining a building material from the time of Julius Caesar with a Jetsons aesthetic, but the approach has already worked before.

This newly-revived technique could provide low-cost housing for refugees and displaced people, and generally provide architects with a cost-effective way to explore convex construction.


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Our Space Photo of the Day is glorious.

This thin, glowing streak of a galaxy may look lonely, but it’s got a companion galaxy just beyond the frame.


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Despite its 4×3, standard def, aughties feel, The Wire’s lo-fi grit continues to attract fans who rabidly proclaim its praises.

It’s hot out there in these streets. That’s why we’re hooking you up with a good excuse to lay low in your living room.

This is WIRED’s summer binge-watching guide to The Wire:

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Pizza drones are a reality

Cannot even.

Just this GIF is the best thing.

We’ve said it before: There’s a strange beauty to computer viruses (especially the old-school DOS variety). And their backstories are even better.

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J.J. Abrams apparently can’t help himself.

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