The day before Twitter revealed the plan for its big Wall Street debut, the inventor of the popular social networking service had his eye on something else: The Golden Gate Bridge.

The two towers of the famed Gateway to the West are visible from the brand-new offices of Square, the mobile payments company Jack Dorsey started a few years after sending out the world’s first-ever tweet.

“The bridge is meaningful to us because it serves one purpose, which is ‘get people from point A to point B and not fall down while it’s doing it,’” Dorsey says. “We’re building a utility that’s getting money from point A to point B: Sellers come to us to sell. We have a responsibility not to go down.”

Square is best known for its eponymously shaped credit card reader that plugs into the headphone jacks of many smartphones. Dorsey and his friend, a St. Louis polymath named Jim McKelvey, started Square in 2009 to make it easier for McKelvey to sell his line of artisanal glass faucets. Square’s first office was Dorsey’s 400-square-foot studio apartment. Last week, the company opened the doors to a finely tuned, 150,000-square-foot new headquarters that — down to the smallest detail — attempts to embody the ideals that have shaped Square, ideals that Dorsey believes will help it evolve into the way we pay for everything.

Unlike Twitter, which exists purely in the abstract realm of the digital, Square is a company anchored in the physical: Its product only makes sense out in the real world, where portable hardware and software tools facilitate the in-person exchange of things you can touch. You get the sense that this intersection of the digital and the physical is where Dorsey’s passion truly lives. Square’s new offices reflect that fascination in the way they leverage classic Mid-Century design thinking to create an idealized space for modern-day knowledge work. In Square’s inner world, as with its products, the goal is a harmonious convergence of the digital and physical to create a virtuous feedback loop.

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(Source: Wired)

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