Halloween costumes used to be easy. Put on a tail and grab a pitchfork and you could be one sly devil. Grab a cape and some fangs – sucks to be you, Dracula. But now those costumes feel played out, and many people putting together a Halloween ensemble don’t just need a costume, they need a concept — and a current one. Which is to say, they need a meme.

Internet meme costumes work on several levels. Since memes often revolve around social commentary, they give people an opportunity to express their views, like last year’s Binders Full of Women. When they’re timely — like the recent Overly Suave IT Guy – they can help demonstrate that you’re au courant with the internet. And they’re also a way to celebrate web-specific celebs, like the difficult-to-impress McKayla Maroney or ecstatic Double Rainbow guy.

Given the nature of memes — namely, their ability to adapt to all manner of subjects and circumstances — they also have greater potential for personal interpretation. For example, it’s totally possible to put on a horse’s head and carry a sign that tells everyone you’re @Horse_ebooks, but add a dry erase board and soon everyone at the neighborhood Halloween party can start adding their own nonsensical tweets. Ultimately, this is why memes have the ability to go above and beyond putting on the same Jean-Luc Picard costume every year (not that there’s anything wrong with that): They’re much more personal, and easy to personalize, than any standard-issue witch or comic book character, even if they’re only good for one year.

[MORE + PHOTOS: Your Clever Meme Halloween Costume Won’t Be Funny For Long]

(Source: Wired)

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