Jackie Robinson biopic gets Harrison Ford

Jack Nicholson was reportedly the early favorite to play Dodgers GM Branch Rickey, but over the weekend Ford was announced at the helm of the upcoming film. Chadwick Boseman (The Express) will play Robinson and Brian Helgeland (Mystic River) will write/direct. No timetable has been set on the film.

Trailer: Men In Black III  

Both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back, memory scramblers included. K appears to travel in time and someone ends up dead so J needs to figure out what happened and fix accordingly. The film is due Memorial Day 2012. As this article notes, no word yet if Smith will jump back into the rap game for this one (he’s recorded something for each of the previous two films).

First look: HBO’s Girls 

This is the Judd Apatow-produced series about 20-something women trying to make it in NYC. Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture fame) stars (with Brian Williams’ daughter) as someone who is off her parents’ trust funds and trying to make it in an unpaid-intern heavy world. Series debuts in April.

New game trailers from the Spike VGA Awards 

Like the Superbowl, Spike’s year-end game awards have as much notoriety for commercials as they do the show itself. Many games scheduled for 2012 revealed their official trailers during the broadcast. This year that list included major notables like a new Metal Gear game, more BioShock footage, and Mass Effect 3.

Clooney teams with Sony for a Smothers Brothers film 

They’ve optioned the book Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Clooney is set to be a producer on the project (still with an option to possibly star/direct) and Brian Hecker/Craig Sherman are writing the script (the duo recently paired for a blacklisted script called Atari about the guy who created the system). The show is a landmark in TV comedy history, helped push the counterculture envelope early on and featured writers like Steve Martin and Rob Reiner.

Wired.com: Two new Doctor Who lost eps resurface 

A former TV engineer named Terry Burnett bought them at a fete in the 1980s. He wasn’t aware BBC was missing these specific episodes until mentioning them casually to an editor at Radio Times. The episodes (the third installment in 1965’s Galaxy 4 and episode two of 1967’s The Underwater Menace) were then restored, with their recovery announced at the British Film Institute’s Missing Believed Wiped event on Saturday.

[via Nathan Mattise]