A few favorites from the entire week to start off the New Year…

The Streets penning a memoir

It’ll be called The Story of the Streets and is due out from Bantam Press on March 29. Mike Skinner (The Streets, famed British rapper) has been writing for the project and also enlisted the help of Ben Thompson (from The Guardian who has penned memoirs with Russell Brand and Vic Reeves). With The Streets recently announcing they’re finished, Skinner also has a new musical project to keep him busy in 2012 called D.O.T.

Marvel to unveil Tebow Time

This was only a matter of time, right? The Broncos QB who claims to derive strength from higher powers will now have some assumed strength in the superhero realm. Marvel will team up with ESPN to make Tebow Time because he’s “like the Marvel heroes who pull off last minute victories.” The link has sketches of Tebow that currently appear on the Marvel site. No timetable on the comics release yet.

Trailer: Bad Ass 

Danny Trejo, not playing a Cartel member, is an older gentleman who gets fed up with being hassled on a bus and beats the guy to a pulp. His legend spreads through town under the name “Bad Ass” and naturally more crime fighting and goon punishing ensues. (Ron Pearlman is involved too, film comes out in April. Trejo’s outfit alone is worth a watch).

Jack White now teams up with… Tom Jones

I’m not sure he’ll ever make his own music again (R.I.P. The White Stripes). White told MOJO that Jones is next in a series of singles he’s been producing for Third Man Records. Jones did “Jezebel” and “Evil” (from Howlin’ Wolf) for his effort. White’s series of singles now includes ICP, Stephen Colbert and John C. Reilly in addition to Jones.

Wired.com: Oregon Trail: Director’s Cut

GeekDad has a knack for great Kickstarters, so behold: Oregon Trail: The Director’s Cut. The game is currently available online as a flash-based freebie but the developers are looking to make a mobile version for various devices (they’ve already reached the funding goal just halfway through). The game imagines what would happen if D.C. Became overrun by zombies and you had 32 hours to gather supplies and ditch the city.

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A bonus last minute gift alert: EA and Gameloft put a lot of their titles to $.99

Trailer: The Hobbit

In the second installment of epic movie trailers this week, first teaser for The Hobbit was released. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the first of a two-part LOTR prequel that Peter Jackson has cooking. This film will debut in December 2012.

New Stan Lee comic will include his first Indian superhero

The series will be called Chakra – The Invincible and will initially launch as a series of downloadable/mobile comics. The first story for Chakra will be released for free in April 2012 through www.graphicindia.com. The basic premise of Chakra: A tech-savvy teen named Raju Rai lives in Mumbai as he developed an enhanced suit that activates the mythical chakras of the body (and the corresponding abilities/powers).

Lost Captain Beefhart album to be released

Zappa records will release his Bat Chain Puller album more than 36 years after it was recorded. The album has been bootlegged and passed around fan circles for awhile, but never received a full release (Don Van Vliet, a.k.a. The Captain, resisted releasing them while he was alive but he died a year ago). The album will be available on Jan. 15.

Wired.com: Underwire Q&A with Brad Bird

After watching the Dark Knight prologue, a movie plays. Director Brad Bird (MI: Ghost Protocol, Ratatouille, The Incredibles) chatted with The Underwire in regards to his newest work, but he also found ways to talk about great filmmaking in general (haven’t seen Ethan Hunt’s latest yet to comment).

Wired.com: GeekDad looks at old-school, non-CGI SciFi

The blog found a Kickstarter film they could really get behind. C is the story of an idealistic flight officer who hijacks a spaceship during interplanetary war. What makes the title appealing is the filmmakers, Otto Stockmeier and Derek Van Gorder, insistence on only using classic, in-camera special effects. It’s in production but the blog chatted with the filmmakers and linked to its trailer, behind-the-scenes production blog.

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Nintendo teams up with The Louvre

If the company is worried about the sale of 3Ds consoles, at least The Louvre will take 5,000 off their hands. The world’s most visited museum announced they’ll start using the devices in March 2012 to act as digital guides to patrons browsing their 35,000+ art pieces. The museum is also working on similar smartphone/iPad initiatives, Nintendo says they’re not in direct competition with mobile museum gaming (all right, the last half of that sentence is fake).

The Eastwoods set to become TV’s next reality family

This is the Clint variety of Eastwood. They (Clint, his wife and two teen daughters) are filming a reality series for E! and Bunim-Murray (Real World, Kardashians, etc.). Reports have Clint making some cameos on the show but not being a main character on it. His 18-year-old daughter Francesca aspires to be in the movie business, is that close enough?

Trailer: Casa de mi Padre

Wait, there’s another trailer out today? If you’ve already watched the latest Dark Knight several times, you can break up your trailer viewing with Will Ferrell’s latest. It’s a Western-spoof featuring Gael Bernal (Motorcycle Diaries, Science of Sleep). The folks behind Anchorman put it together, sadly Timothy Olyphant doesn’t appear to make a cameo. The film is due out in March.

Lana Del Rey set to host SNL in January

The “Video Games” songstress is somehow one of the most polarizing figures of the internet music culture… But her first album doesn’t debut until 2012. She’ll be the musical guest on SNL before having any official music releases (people will watch, Daniel Radcliffe hosts that week). Del Ray isn’t the first act to perform on the show before her U.S. release… that honor belongs to Natalie Imbruglia of “Torn” fame (that may or may not have been a college karaoke choice for me).

NBC buys a Mariska Hargitay comedy

Detective Benson will be behind the scenes of this one, serving as the executive producer for American Dream. The series is a show about reality shows, specifically the off camera relationships between network execs, staff and “talent” (Parks & Rec came from The Office, maybe this can ride 30 Rock coattails?). Paul Kolsby is writing (Jersey Shore, Bridezillas) so it’ll be authentic.

Wired.com: The Pop Hit Algorithm

Wired UK reports on engineers at the University of Bristol trying to mathematically predict successful pop songs. They have a theoretical equation based off mining 50 years worth of hits and accounting for multiple variables (tempo, duration, loudness – and things like this adjusted for “taste” of a time period).

Trailer: Expendables 2 

The trailer lasts about a minute and perfectly captures why folks will go see this. You get the impeccable acting of Mr. Willis and Mr. Stallone, then a who’s who of ass-kicking action stars holding weapons: Norris, Li, Statham, Lundgren and the (former) Governator. The film is tentatively set for August 2012.

Animal Planet will potentially change its name

…for a day at least. Stephen Colbert’s “South Carolina Seriously Classy Republican Debate” was originally set to air on that channel, but then Nat Geo Wild made a counter offer. They sent Colbert a fruit basket, so Animal Planet took to their Facebook page to announce they’d be “Colbert Planet” if he’ll come back. Stay tuned (no date is set for whatever this may be).

The Notebook takes to the stage

The Nicholas Sparks book turned rom-flick empire is now set to become a stage show, a musical in fact. Very few details are available yet but Sparks talked with CBS to confirm the show is in development. If Ryan Gosling mania can get any bigger, reprising this role would shut the internet down.

TV commercials set to become quieter 

The FCC passed regulations on Tuesday to prevent commercials from being louder than the shows they run during. It’s part of the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation act (CALM, we see what you did there Feds) that Obama signed last December. The rules will go into effect a year from now, penalties for violating are unspecified at this point. An ad distributor cited in this AP article found commercials sometimes 10x as loud as programs in recent analysis.

Keanu Reeves directorial debut gets greenlit

The film is called Man of Tai Chi and Universal Pictures stepped up to claim it. Reeves will co-star in the martial arts flick as well. One of the co-financers on the project is Village Roadshow who Reeves worked with previously on The Matrix trilogy. Production starts in February and the film will be shot in both English/Mandarin.

Wired.com: Jason Reitman Q&A

His next film, Young Adult with Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt, is out now. The director/producer sat down to discuss how much wiggle room he gave Patton Oswalt for his nerdy character, teaming up with Diablo Cody again and more.

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As a bonus today, let’s appreciate a Drive sequel will exist (in book form… but you can picture Gosling already). 

The Shins detail new album

It’s called Port of Morrow and will be the band’s first release since 2007’s Wincing The Night Away and the band’s comeback tour (with revamped lineup) this year. James Mercer is back at the helm and his own label will produce it. The release is expected for March 2012 (two songs to preview through the link).

The Ting Tings also have a new album coming 

And it’s also due to release in early March 2012. The album will be called Sounds from Nowheresville. The Ting Tings said they wanted to get away from radio-friendly sounds (like their first album was full of - “Great DJ,” or “That’s Not My Name”), so they really tried to find inspirations in unrelated artists. This included… catching tUnE-yArDs live-loop fest.

Trailer: The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen is back doing another movie in a foreign character. This time he’s the fun loving dictator of Wadiya and he comes to visit the U.S. Trailer has some cameos by John C. Reilly, Megan Fox (as herself) and various U.S. politicians (via repurposed clips). The film is due out in Summer 2012.

George Clooney teams with Dustin Lance Black for one-night play

Black is the Oscar-winning writer of Milk and he’s got a stage play called 8, about the federal court trial that overturned the proposition. In March, he’s lined up George Clooney (among others, Rob Reiner is directing) to perform in the opening night show. All benefits from that evening’s performance will go to the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Justin Theroux, Russell Brand working on animated series with Fox

Theroux (actor, wrote Tropic Thunder) is working on a series about a, “left-leaning NYC curmudgeon who daydreams of the good ol’ days of the 90s.” Michael Rotenberg (King of the Hill) is set to executive produce. Brand is working with the people who created New Girl for an animated series of his own, but details on plots are being kept underwraps. No time table available yet on either project.

Wired.com: Dave Mustaine’s music prodigy app

Mustaine is the lead singer of Megadeth (not to mention he was an early guitarist/songwriter for Metallica). Rather than produce wines like some of his contemporaries (c’mon Motorhead), he’s developed an app to teach individuals guitar through gamification. The Underwire caught up with him to talk through this project in full.

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Trailer: G.I. Joe: Retaliation 

The sequel to G.I. Joe (2009) is set to debut in June 2012. Channing Tatum is back, joined by The Rock and Adrianne Palicki (and a surprise big name action star shown only at the end of the trailer). The Joes are set up by the government to be executed, but our three heroes survive and have to avenge it all. Somehow, Kill Bill style samurai sword fighting while repelled from a mountain comes into play.

Trailer: Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise as an aging rock star in the late 1980s (based on the musical of the same name). The rest of the cast is actually exciting (Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti… I guess Russell Brand/Catherine Zeta-Jones) and the music is pending your taste. Trailer highlights a mash-up of Twisted Sister and REO Speedwagon. The film is set for June 2012.

Netflix close to adding another original series order

The project is Hemlock Grove, an hour long horror series from executive producer Eli Roth (Hostel). The series is based on an upcoming horror novel from Brian McGreevy set to release in March 2012. The basic story centers around a werewolf in a town with lots of myths, poor relationships, etc. It’s the third original series Netflix has picked up (and fourth overall with Arrested Development).

ABC teams with Budweiser for original series

It’s called Bud United Presents: The Big Time and it will be reality show featuring adults competing to fulfill their dreams in the realm of sports and entertainment. ABC ordered seven episodes to air beginning on 1/21 (weekend afternoon programming to fill your college football void).

New Talking Head doc, Chronology

This post showcases early video of the band performing “Psycho Killer” at CBGB in the mid 70s. It’s a straight to DVD documentary, a deluxe version featuring 48-page book including an essay from Lester Bangs on the band. All the original band members participated, documentary goes up until the 2002 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductions.

Wired.com: Miyamoto full interview now online

The last comments he made about retirement (and what he meant by the term) is what caused some major Nintendo release work last week. GameLife now posted the entire interview online so you can read Miyamoto’s comments on that topic and more (like how he doesn’t believe mobile presents direct competition for Nintendo).

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Jackie Robinson biopic gets Harrison Ford

Jack Nicholson was reportedly the early favorite to play Dodgers GM Branch Rickey, but over the weekend Ford was announced at the helm of the upcoming film. Chadwick Boseman (The Express) will play Robinson and Brian Helgeland (Mystic River) will write/direct. No timetable has been set on the film.

Trailer: Men In Black III  

Both Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back, memory scramblers included. K appears to travel in time and someone ends up dead so J needs to figure out what happened and fix accordingly. The film is due Memorial Day 2012. As this article notes, no word yet if Smith will jump back into the rap game for this one (he’s recorded something for each of the previous two films).

First look: HBO’s Girls 

This is the Judd Apatow-produced series about 20-something women trying to make it in NYC. Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture fame) stars (with Brian Williams’ daughter) as someone who is off her parents’ trust funds and trying to make it in an unpaid-intern heavy world. Series debuts in April.

New game trailers from the Spike VGA Awards 

Like the Superbowl, Spike’s year-end game awards have as much notoriety for commercials as they do the show itself. Many games scheduled for 2012 revealed their official trailers during the broadcast. This year that list included major notables like a new Metal Gear game, more BioShock footage, and Mass Effect 3.

Clooney teams with Sony for a Smothers Brothers film 

They’ve optioned the book Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Clooney is set to be a producer on the project (still with an option to possibly star/direct) and Brian Hecker/Craig Sherman are writing the script (the duo recently paired for a blacklisted script called Atari about the guy who created the system). The show is a landmark in TV comedy history, helped push the counterculture envelope early on and featured writers like Steve Martin and Rob Reiner.

Wired.com: Two new Doctor Who lost eps resurface 

A former TV engineer named Terry Burnett bought them at a fete in the 1980s. He wasn’t aware BBC was missing these specific episodes until mentioning them casually to an editor at Radio Times. The episodes (the third installment in 1965’s Galaxy 4 and episode two of 1967’s The Underwater Menace) were then restored, with their recovery announced at the British Film Institute’s Missing Believed Wiped event on Saturday.

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Trailer: The Three Stooges

Larry, Curly and Moe meet iPhones, Snooki and more in the Farrelly brothers adaptation. The highlight of this is still the perfect casting of Will Sasso, not sure it equates to must-see overall. The film debuts in April.

New Andrew Bird LP 

The LP is called Break It Yourself and it’s due out March 6. Bird recorded and produced the entire album in his bard (western Illinois close to Mississippi). Bird also announced a tour for 2012 in which anyone who purchases a ticket gets a download code for the album AND for a live EP taken from recordings on his fall 2011 tour.

Sienna Miller in for upcoming Hitchcock film 

She’ll play Tippi Hedren in The Girl. It’s a BBC-vehicle that tells the story of Hitchcock’s obsessive relationship with the actress, focusing specifically around Hitchcock’s work with her for The Birds. No release date (or avenue for that matter) has been put on that film from BBC.

Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame: Guns N’ Roses, RHCP, Beastie Boys headline the class

The ceremony is in April and it marks the 25th year for the hall. GNR is interesting not only because they only have one solid album, but also because the band has been notoriously at odds with each other since breaking up (so no word on whether they’d reunite for the event). Among finalists who did not get inducted: Joan Jett, Heart, The Cure and Donna Summer.

Tom Fontana, Barry Levinson developing a cop drama at A&E

Fontana and Levinson are no strangers to the genre (Homicide, Fontana did some Law & Order) but this upcoming project is a first. It’s called The Box and it’ll be a half-hour show set focusing on an interrogation room. The duo is awaiting final word on the project being picked up, Arvin Brown (NCIS) is tapped to produce.

Wired.com: GeekDad approved Kickstarter projects

The blog teamed up with Kickstarter to highlight reviewed and approved projects to fund. Among the highlights – Twine (a wireless device that you can set up rules around the house with, i.e. “Text me if someone’s at the door”), zombie playing cards, plush DNA molecules and a ton of dice-based board games.

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