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It is a time of hope in the galaxy. In late December, Disney completed its purchase of Lucasfilm and announced that it would be making new Star Wars movies. Soon a director was found — JJ Abrams! The next episode is due in theaters in just two years. Suddenly the Saga is again full of possibilities. New Jedi! New Darths! And a new chance to return the faded franchise to its former glory. But listen up, JJ: As you try to restore order to everyone’s favorite universe, you must beware—the forces of mediocrity, silliness, and CGI overkill never rest. To help ensure your success, our band of rebels searched from Alderaan to Tatooine to find the 74 Things Every Star Wars Movie Needs.

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Ahhhh, childhood memories.

How does Darth Vader stay in great shape? Yoga, of course.

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Artist Terry Fan released three more additional Victorian Star Wars pieces to his Society6 arsenal. These ARE the prints / skins / cases you’re looking for.

Available: Baron Von C3PO | General Fett | Sir Yoda | Lord Vader

Victorian Star Wars by Terry Fan (Society6) (Flickr) (Facebook)

Poor C-3PO. Always getting daguerrotypecast.

You have to admit, they’re all pretty cool.