Over the last several weeks, we’ve posted our year-end roundups of the best television, top albums, and most underrated movies of 2012. We thought we made some pretty good choices, but since no list is ever going to be comprehensive in the eyes of the fan whose favorite didn’t make the cut, Wired readers had some suggestions of their own. With the help of your generous and in no way angry comments, we’ve compiled a new list of 10 TV shows, movies and albums that deserved props in 2012 — as dictated by you.


Longtime readers will be familiar with Wired/Tired/Expired, our snarky cultural scorecard that began appearing in the magazine way back at the dawn of Wired. (Actually, it started as Wired/Tired, and Expired was added in 2002.)

Not content to let a good idea sit on the shelf, we’ve asked product reviews editor Michael Calore, the office’s most opinionated loudmouth, to weigh in on the topics most deserving of this year’s honors.

…Actually, on second thought, maybe we should have let this sleeping dog lie.

(Source: Wired)