Marvel superheroes, zombified.

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AUSTIN, Texas — What will comic books look like in the future? It’s difficult to say whether anyone knows the answer to that question yet, but Marvel Entertainment continues to explore the possibilities — and reach out to new readers — with a three-pronged digital initiative it announced at SXSW.

Until late Tuesday night, you can download 700 different #1 comics for free as digital issues in the Marvel Comics app. 

UPDATE: The launch has been delayed. The massive consumer demand for the free comics has melted down the servers operated by digital comics distributer ComiXology, and the company is working to try to restore service. “We don’t like letting you down,” ComiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger said in a blog post Monday. “We’re pausing the Marvel Comics #1 promotion for the time being. For those of you that want to take advantage of the offer – you will get your comics!” Steinberger urges those who still want to take part to enter an e-mail address into a web form so the company can send an update when the promotion is available again.

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The sequel to this year’s massively successful superhero team-up movie The Avengers is in good hands. The same hands, actually: Joss Whedon, the man behind Marvel’s hit flick, will write and direct the follow-up.

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German luxury travel-case maker Rimowa claims in a federal lawsuit that the packaging for the forthcoming Blu-ray box set of the Marvel Entertainment hit movie Avengers is an unauthorized knock-off of its Topas attaché case.

Everyone is always lookin’ for a piece of the pie.

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A cheat-sheet for the Avengers’ strengths, weaknesses.

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The new Captain America poster for The Avengers, from Mondo and Marvel!

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Marvel’s making digital comics for tablets!

Also, downloadable content for those of you who still love to buy the tree-and-ink versions (like us!).

Get the details here, hot off the [digital] presses!

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A selection of Iron Man costu … wha?

A few favorites from the entire week to start off the New Year…

The Streets penning a memoir

It’ll be called The Story of the Streets and is due out from Bantam Press on March 29. Mike Skinner (The Streets, famed British rapper) has been writing for the project and also enlisted the help of Ben Thompson (from The Guardian who has penned memoirs with Russell Brand and Vic Reeves). With The Streets recently announcing they’re finished, Skinner also has a new musical project to keep him busy in 2012 called D.O.T.

Marvel to unveil Tebow Time

This was only a matter of time, right? The Broncos QB who claims to derive strength from higher powers will now have some assumed strength in the superhero realm. Marvel will team up with ESPN to make Tebow Time because he’s “like the Marvel heroes who pull off last minute victories.” The link has sketches of Tebow that currently appear on the Marvel site. No timetable on the comics release yet.

Trailer: Bad Ass 

Danny Trejo, not playing a Cartel member, is an older gentleman who gets fed up with being hassled on a bus and beats the guy to a pulp. His legend spreads through town under the name “Bad Ass” and naturally more crime fighting and goon punishing ensues. (Ron Pearlman is involved too, film comes out in April. Trejo’s outfit alone is worth a watch).

Jack White now teams up with… Tom Jones

I’m not sure he’ll ever make his own music again (R.I.P. The White Stripes). White told MOJO that Jones is next in a series of singles he’s been producing for Third Man Records. Jones did “Jezebel” and “Evil” (from Howlin’ Wolf) for his effort. White’s series of singles now includes ICP, Stephen Colbert and John C. Reilly in addition to Jones. Oregon Trail: Director’s Cut

GeekDad has a knack for great Kickstarters, so behold: Oregon Trail: The Director’s Cut. The game is currently available online as a flash-based freebie but the developers are looking to make a mobile version for various devices (they’ve already reached the funding goal just halfway through). The game imagines what would happen if D.C. Became overrun by zombies and you had 32 hours to gather supplies and ditch the city.

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