Spreading around the WIRED office this week is this HTML5 Game Boy emulator built for iPhone browsers. Apple doesn’t allow unauthorized emulators on the App Store, although the relatively open nature of the store allows people to sneak them on there for a few days before they get too popular and Apple pulls them down.

So get after it, quick!

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The entire internet has weighed in with what it believes is the answer to Nintendo’s financial woes: Go mobile, immediately. But the entire internet is wrong.

Nintendo’s announcement that it’s facing a third straight year of losses prompted pundits to say the company must swallow its pride and put Super Mario on smartphones. I’ve argued against this in the past, to little avail. The opinion that Nintendo should “go mobile” has become such conventional wisdom that it has moved beyond gaming columns and investor reports to the straightest of straight news stories.

Resisting Mobile Hurts Nintendo’s Bottom Line,” read a New York Times headline over the weekend. “Nintendo Refuses To Make The Radical Change That Could Boost Sales,” Reuters declared. This is begging the question, beginning from the presumption that obviously Nintendo should put its games on iOS and going from there.

The conventional wisdom is wrong. It is not an inevitability that Nintendo must put its games on rival hardware or die. It may even be a bad move.

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Follow Wired’s live blog of the Nintendo E3 conference here! We <3 Miyamoto.

(Source: Wired)

Ask the internet, and you shall receive.

Now the question remains: HOW MANY DO WE ORDER?!?!

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Chiptune cover of “This Charming Man” by The Smiths. With effects from Super Mario Bros. for NES.


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Converse Japan’s releasing Mario-themed kicks.

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Nintendo teams up with The Louvre

If the company is worried about the sale of 3Ds consoles, at least The Louvre will take 5,000 off their hands. The world’s most visited museum announced they’ll start using the devices in March 2012 to act as digital guides to patrons browsing their 35,000+ art pieces. The museum is also working on similar smartphone/iPad initiatives, Nintendo says they’re not in direct competition with mobile museum gaming (all right, the last half of that sentence is fake).

The Eastwoods set to become TV’s next reality family

This is the Clint variety of Eastwood. They (Clint, his wife and two teen daughters) are filming a reality series for E! and Bunim-Murray (Real World, Kardashians, etc.). Reports have Clint making some cameos on the show but not being a main character on it. His 18-year-old daughter Francesca aspires to be in the movie business, is that close enough?

Trailer: Casa de mi Padre

Wait, there’s another trailer out today? If you’ve already watched the latest Dark Knight several times, you can break up your trailer viewing with Will Ferrell’s latest. It’s a Western-spoof featuring Gael Bernal (Motorcycle Diaries, Science of Sleep). The folks behind Anchorman put it together, sadly Timothy Olyphant doesn’t appear to make a cameo. The film is due out in March.

Lana Del Rey set to host SNL in January

The “Video Games” songstress is somehow one of the most polarizing figures of the internet music culture… But her first album doesn’t debut until 2012. She’ll be the musical guest on SNL before having any official music releases (people will watch, Daniel Radcliffe hosts that week). Del Ray isn’t the first act to perform on the show before her U.S. release… that honor belongs to Natalie Imbruglia of “Torn” fame (that may or may not have been a college karaoke choice for me).

NBC buys a Mariska Hargitay comedy

Detective Benson will be behind the scenes of this one, serving as the executive producer for American Dream. The series is a show about reality shows, specifically the off camera relationships between network execs, staff and “talent” (Parks & Rec came from The Office, maybe this can ride 30 Rock coattails?). Paul Kolsby is writing (Jersey Shore, Bridezillas) so it’ll be authentic.

Wired.com: The Pop Hit Algorithm

Wired UK reports on engineers at the University of Bristol trying to mathematically predict successful pop songs. They have a theoretical equation based off mining 50 years worth of hits and accounting for multiple variables (tempo, duration, loudness – and things like this adjusted for “taste” of a time period).

Trailer: G.I. Joe: Retaliation 

The sequel to G.I. Joe (2009) is set to debut in June 2012. Channing Tatum is back, joined by The Rock and Adrianne Palicki (and a surprise big name action star shown only at the end of the trailer). The Joes are set up by the government to be executed, but our three heroes survive and have to avenge it all. Somehow, Kill Bill style samurai sword fighting while repelled from a mountain comes into play.

Trailer: Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise as an aging rock star in the late 1980s (based on the musical of the same name). The rest of the cast is actually exciting (Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti… I guess Russell Brand/Catherine Zeta-Jones) and the music is pending your taste. Trailer highlights a mash-up of Twisted Sister and REO Speedwagon. The film is set for June 2012.

Netflix close to adding another original series order

The project is Hemlock Grove, an hour long horror series from executive producer Eli Roth (Hostel). The series is based on an upcoming horror novel from Brian McGreevy set to release in March 2012. The basic story centers around a werewolf in a town with lots of myths, poor relationships, etc. It’s the third original series Netflix has picked up (and fourth overall with Arrested Development).

ABC teams with Budweiser for original series

It’s called Bud United Presents: The Big Time and it will be reality show featuring adults competing to fulfill their dreams in the realm of sports and entertainment. ABC ordered seven episodes to air beginning on 1/21 (weekend afternoon programming to fill your college football void).

New Talking Head doc, Chronology

This post showcases early video of the band performing “Psycho Killer” at CBGB in the mid 70s. It’s a straight to DVD documentary, a deluxe version featuring 48-page book including an essay from Lester Bangs on the band. All the original band members participated, documentary goes up until the 2002 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductions.

Wired.com: Miyamoto full interview now online

The last comments he made about retirement (and what he meant by the term) is what caused some major Nintendo release work last week. GameLife now posted the entire interview online so you can read Miyamoto’s comments on that topic and more (like how he doesn’t believe mobile presents direct competition for Nintendo).

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