How do they do it? The tribute poster wizards at the Mondo Gallery seem to have a special gift for condensing the strangeness, beauty and excitement of iconic movies into graphics that capture their essence — and become works of art in their own right.

Poster geeks looking for answers can glimpse a behind-the-scenes peek at the creative process at Mondo in the new aptly titled exhibition In Progress, which opened last weekend and tuns through February 23 at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas. The show features mind-melting sketches, concepts and line art prepped by design auteurs including Martin Ansin, Ken Taylor, Kevin Tong, Jay Shaw and Tom Whalen en route to final products celebrating Creature From the Black Lagoon, Planet of the Apes, Pan’s Labyrinth, Iron Giant and other cult classics.

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Four new propaganda-style posters for zombie comedy Warm Bodies reveal the upcoming movie’s radical thesis: Zombies are people too.

The slogan-loaded artwork, premiered by Wired in this gallery, along with several character posters, show off the film’s unique twist on the zombie genre: While your average ghoul story is told from the point of view of desperate humans trying to survive the undead hordes, Warm Bodies gets us inside the head of a high-functioning zombie known simply as “R.”

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Dissect that movie monster!

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The new Captain America poster for The Avengers, from Mondo and Marvel!

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The iconic faces of Pixar reduced to their essence in simple, tender logos

Always love for minimalism.

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Internet Meme Movie Posters

Make anything into a minimalist movie poster, and it’s alright in my book.